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Every Shopify store owner these days has a love/hate relationship with Facebook.

Facebook ads are supposedly the schiz, and if you aren’t on them you’re completely screwed.


If you’re a Shopify owner you may have perked up at the headline for a lot of reasons. The first being you’ve probably done Facebook ads and got a less than desired ROI (return on investment) then you needed.

Well, there’s good reason. There’s a HUGE problem with the Facebook platform for driving traffic. 

Here’s 5 Reasons Pinterest is 10X better than Facebook for Shopify Sales

1. Want a completely lame, dismal 6% organic reach. Facebook has your back on that!

Say you have 100 followers on your Facebook page and you post good content, your products, or a good meme to your audience. On average only 6 people will ever see that post and you’ll get at best 1 engagement out of it. If that.

That’s probably enough to get your attention right there.

Organic Facebook traffic is virtually non-existent these days unless you are posting really funny dog videos or horribly controversial political articles.

Pinterest triples those stats, but more importantly…

2. Have you ever tried to search for something on Facebook? Yeah right. Facebook is NOT a search engine.

Why is Facebook not a search engine while Pinterest is?

Because once your content is posted on on Facebook, it’s done. Like done forever. You don’t go to the top of your Facebook feed and start searching for content. You just get a feed that rolls quickly.

Compare this to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine. Even better a J Query search engine.

If you create a really good article and put it with an image, Pinterest will continue to show the article in the search over time to people looking for keywords in that content.

Not only that, people share your content on Pinterest without even being asked. And then someone else shares it. And someone else and on and on.

It’s called evergreen content.

If social media had it’s own Google, it would be Pinterest. This is why you’ll continue to get traffic over time from the same article or link on Pinterest and it will be completely lost on Facebook. Beginning to see how you can do 10X better than Facebook for Shopify Sales on Pinterest?

3. If you don’t do Facebook ads you won’t reach anybody.

The organic reach on Facebook is low. Like super low. The only way to get people to see any of your content is to run ads.

And you know all the work you’ve done to get people to “like” your page? Well guess what?  The super low organic reach applies to your Facebook fan page as well.

What does this mean?

Unfortunately it means to get people to even see your content you’re gonna have to spend tons of money on Facebook ads. Even worse, Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive and the space is getting incredibly noisy and crowded.

If you’ve got a big huge bank account and a good Facebook account manager this could work for you.

Now, compare to Pinterest.

Pinterest Follower GrowthI gained over 800 followers in 2 weeks on Pinterest! And check this out. In just two weeks of this account I got 558 daily impressions and 252 daily viewers!

Not a red cent spend on traffic!

4. The Facebook lives, nasty political news and memes, and silly cat videos are a f’n cluster on Facebook.

You better bring it if you want to get noticed on Facebook. Oh yeah and bring your wallet too.


Because it’s got so much content, running so fast that isn’t shared, unless of course you run across the really funny dog video, and then the share does’t bring anyone to YOUR content, it’s going to a video that has nothing to do with you, your product or anything about your Shopify store.

If you do run Facebook ads, you’ve got to find your target market, and once you do find them you’ve got to compete against a sh*t ton of ridiculous videos, memes, and scary political rants and a bunch of food pics from people you don’t even know.

Pinterest on the other hand is a place where people can find what they are looking for, it’s beautiful and people automatically share content, without even being asked.

It’s not crowded and confusing like Facebook.

5. The biggest buying crowd are Millennials, who think Facebook is throwing shade. Like a lot of trash talk and it’s lame.

This is seriously an indication of the future of Facebook. So get prepared on this one. Don’t put all your eggs in that basket. You may even want to change baskets!

Facebook is no longer appealing to the Millennial generation and only use it as a way to possibly store limited photos and say happy birthday to family members. No need to call or text, so Facebook is useful this way. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. Believe me, even I was shocked.

Check out the latest stats that show Facebook’s growth among the youth is declining rapidly when compared to platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Also, Pinterest grew by 24% last year.

When it comes to a traffic source for Shopify store owners and ecommerce sales, there is no comparison.

Pinterest kicks the sh*t outta Facebook all the way.

What is Facebook being used for by these people who are abandoning the daily hours of scrolling? An easy place to keep a private group, but if you want to see what you want to see and use a search engine to find what you want to find at the same time, you should get on Pinterest.

You can follow my Pinterest Boards, just click the button.


But Facebook for your primary traffic source, forget about it.

If you’d like to jump right into Pinterest and do well with it, first download our free viral social media posting calendar, Pinify Viral.

And if you want to blow your Facebook sales away with Pinterest you should definitely look at something called Pin Funnels!

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Now go check out Pinterest and start selling more of your Shopify, Etsy or Ecommerce products!

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