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Given the fact the Pinterest is a buyers playground, if you’re on the internet and trying to sell products you should be on it and you should be doing everything you can to get Pinterest followers.

Shopify sellers, Etsy shops and any form of ecommerce, take heed, Pinterest is not only a buyers paradise, it’s the 2nd largest search engine around these days. Not only can you be found there, but those searching and adding to their boards are also buying!

The coolest thing ever is you can get very target followers, incredibly easy. So, I urge you, stop the mindless scrolling of the ever increasingly negative political alternative facts on Facebook and spend that time on Pinterest daily doing these things.

*infographic credit Neil Patel

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Pinterest Marketing Facts

Pinterest accounts for 25% of retail referrals.

Pinterest generates 4X more revenue [per click] than Twitter and 27% more per click than Facebook.

47% of US consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.

The number (#) of people who see your pins is greater than you followers.

93% of pinners shopped online in the last 6 months.

Pinterest Rich Pins with prices average 1.5 likes while those without averaged only 1.1 likes.

2 million people as Product Pins to one of their boards every day.

Pinterest offered five different styles of buttons and widgets that you can put o your website.

You need to get on Pinterest, especially if you can visually attract your audience.


Step #1

Fill out your profile completely and verify it.

Step #2

Verify your site so you have rich pins and have a verified icon of your website on your profile which may give potential followers more confidence in following you.

Step # 3

Share a link to your profile via other networks a via email.

Publish an update on Twitter or Facebook with a link to your Pinterest page. Share your new page with your email list.

Step # 4

Include a Pinterest button on your website or blog.

Step # 5

Follow the boards of your competitors’ followers.

This is where you will gain followers. The right kind of followers. Not just any followers which we all know doesn’t work well when it comes to a true devoted tribe to your products, services, knowledge.

Once your done with the heavy lifting you can concentrate on pins going viral, the right time to promote holiday promotional pins and what else you should be sharing. Get the Pinify Viral posting calendar here and have fun growing your Pinterest account!

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