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Pinterest Growth Hacks and Strategies

Pinterest growth hacks and strategies for your shopify, etsy or woo commerce store. Is it for you?

So, you’re into ecommerce and you know you have to be found on social media right? In the last couple years its been a race for Facebook likes and shares. But, I’m sure if you’ve been in that game for even a short period of time you’re starting to figure out it’s getting harder and harder and more expensive.

Still, the need to get found is top priority. So where do you turn?

Big secret.

Well, not really a secret, everyone knows about it, but they don’t understand how to use it.


arrowSo why is Pinterest so powerful and why should you figure out the best hacks to be found?

As of December 2016 which is going to spill over into January 2017 there are 100 million active users on Pinterest.

Social Media Marketing85% of the users are women.

Social Media Marketing42% of US online adult women use Pinterest

Social Media MarketingThere are 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest

Social Media Marketing55% of US online shoppers pick Pinterest as their favorite social media platform!

I’m gonna say that one again….

55% of US online shoppers pick Pinterest as their favorite social media platform!

That should be enough for you to realize learning Pinterest growth hacks and strategies matter and in fact can impact your sales in a mighty way.

So, here’s the Pinterest growth hack and strategies you should follow:

Pinterest SEO

Yes, indeed. The SEO thing isn’t going to go away with the focus on social media rather than your website. The good news though is it’s much easier to get found on Pinterest using long tail (a phrase that you want to be found for) keyword than any other selling platform. So, just like you would SEO a blog article, get your top keyword phrase and put it to work on your pins.

Create The Dream

People use Pinterest to get inspired. Once they are inspired they can’t help but buy. Story telling in a photo will get more pins and repins. So if your goal is to sell a widget, of course you’re going to have the photo of the widget, BUT here’s the hack. Use lifestyle images that go with your product and tag them to your product!

Pin Regularly

This is the single biggest secret to Pinterest growth hacks and strategies. Pin regularly.

Does that mean spend most of your day on Pinterest? Who has that kind of time? No one. Here’s the deal. Most people go for all or nothing. They decide they are going to go for it on Pinterest and then obsess about getting followers, finding pins to pin, creating pins. It sounds exhausting just reading it let alone dong it.

Though it can be fun to get lost in Pinterest for hours if you’re looking to grow your Pinterest followers and sell your products or services on Pinterest, the key is to do a little a lot, instead of a lot a little. In other words don’t spend hours and hours pinning content for a few days, and then abandon it until, next week, or next month.

Consistent pinning a few times a day is the big huge secret to hacking the growth of your Pinterest boards for more followers, which lead to more sales.

Pinify Viral Calendar

The best laid plans are those that are on your calendar! You want to know what to post on what day every day of the month? Awesome. Get your Pinify Viral Posting Calendar here!

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