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I’ve been studying the best tools for marketing online for a long time. In fact, I’d step out there and say I’ve been doing internet marketing since it’s started. No doubt, online marketing tools come and go at alarmingly quick rate. I’ve tried more than I could possibly list. Some are better than others. Some still around, some are not.

Online marketing, whether you are selling ecommerce products through Shopify, Etsy, or your own course have common factors that absolutely help or hurt your sales. Gone are the days where you could just put up a blog post or a product and hope your ideal customer is just going to click the buy button.


You Need A Sales Funnel


The sales funnel basics are a landing page, and optin page, a step to deliver your free optin deliverable which can double as a thank you page, that then leads to a sales page, a place to take payment and finally deliver your product.

This process works for a physical product or a digital product and it’s proven to create a sales machine for those selling things online.

Sounds complicated right? In fact even someone like myself who has been in it for awhile can get really confused piecing all this stuff together.

This is exactly why I LOVE Clickfunnels. This process is set up for you! There’s no more having to piece together websites and optins. Where should you put the sales page and where should the sales page lead to? You don’t have to find another place to gather email address and create sequences and even then the sequence only speaks as if the person bought, even if they didn’t. Then there’s the problem of hooking up another place to take money, and oh yeah, what about actually delivering the product. What does that connect to?

Here are my top 5 reasons I like, actually I love Clickfunnels:

Funnels already set up for you.
If you’ve never set up a funnel before this is like a dream come true. You don’t have to set up a bunch of different software from creating a landing page to a list building optin form to where do you collect all those emails. It’s all right there for you.

Creating any page is literally drag drop.
You can use proven templates provided for you or create your own. There’s a lot of software out there to create optin forms, landing pages or whatever sort of page you want to publish on the web, but most the time they don’t allow you to put what you want on them. The templates usually don’t work for your particular thing and you have to fit your thing into a box when you need a circle. Not with ClickFunnels. You can literally make a page look any way you want by dragging and dropping information, your own logos, product photos, or stock photos. Super cool.

You can get paid with a click of a button.
It’s completely integrated with Paypal and Stripe. You just connect you account, then connect your buy button to it and you’ll have money landing in your account.

Sort your leads and automatically and give them the message they need to hear.
I absolutely love this about ClickFunnels. Once someone opts in to a free deliverable, a discount, or whatever offer you have, ClickFunnels will put that lead on a list and send them the deliverable, or you’ll be alerted the sale has been made and you need ship your product. At that point you can set up a follow up email series. Normal stuff in internet marketing.

But here’s where it gets cool. ClickFunnels will send email according to what your lead has done. Let’s say you sent them a discount code for a particular product. The recipient opened it but didn’t use it in the remaining steps in the funnel. They’ll be sent another reminder at a time interval you can specify automatically.

Let’s say they did use the coupon code, not only can you thank them, automatically of course, but you can set up a series that will give your new customer ideas on how to use the new product building trust. Then you can introduce another product that will compliment the first product or another product they might be interested in.

It can literally be your dream in that you can set it up once and sell products over and over and over again without piecing anything together. It’s truly automated.

Membership site

This is pure bonus in my opinion. ClickFunnels includes a membership site. Whether you are selling dog products, weight loss products or a how to course, creating a monthly membership site where you either give your customers pure value for free or create recurring income with a monthly membership, it’s all included in ClickFunnels.

It truly is a one stop shop!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself, great news. I’ve got a special link for you to try it out for free! If you want to gain more sales and automate the process don’t miss out the free trial.

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