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Now that you’ve got your Ultimate Pinify Viral Posting Calendar, I wanted to you give you some tips on how to use it to get more views and clicks from your social media presence.

If you haven’t already downloaded your own Viral Posting Calendar and Planner you can do that here.

Down Viral Posting Calendar

Just knowing what to post can be a huge time saver in itself. However, it can feel overwhelming to know what to post and when post it. That’s why I created the Pinify Viral Posting Calendar. When you are promoting your own Shopify or Etsy store, your own course or anything else you are marketing on the internet the tendency is to just post your own links to your own products.

Huge mistake. I’m sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule. I remember when I first got into social media, I thought that rule was a little crazy. I mean really 80% of posts are not even pointing straight back to you. In fact you’re promoting someone else’s information or products. Really?

How could that possibly work?

Here’s the deal. Social media is about becoming viral. Social media moves quickly so you have a few minutes at most on some platforms when your post is at the top. But when you have other people sharing a bunch of your stuff, it becomes exponential.

The more you share other people’s stuff the more they are going to share your stuff. It’s really that simple. So if you are caught up in worrying about directing people elsewhere, simply go back to the old tried and true saying, “what goes around, comes around!” It’s really true when it comes to social media.

Using your Pinify Viral Posting Calendar

Social Media Posting Calendar 2

Planning your month in advance will change your marketing life. Having a proven roadmap guiding you on what to post and when to post it will give you that expert edge so that you can drive more targeted traffic to your Shopify, Etsy or any ecommerce digital or physical product with confidence.

The Types of Social Media You Should Plan


Business Promotions – What new products are you introducing, do you have a new program, special offer, are you going to put something on sale, are you launching something a couple months out? You should be talking about it now. List these things out on a calendar so you are clear on how far in advance to start posting.

Blog posts – If you’ve just created your blog this one will take a bit more time, but you should not skip this one ever. Create at least one new blog post a week! This is where planning your month can really help you out. Time flies so you can have posts created for upcoming holidays and specials in advance. Create resource lists and give your audience a little insight on yourself.

If you’ve had a blog going for awhile this one is really great and what I’m about to tell you will really help. I know it may come as a shock to you, but everyone in the world has not seen your blog post already. So use your previous blog posts in your schedule! Sure you may have to do an update or change a promotional date or link, but this is a huge time saver and in the long run will bring you the traffic you’ve always wanted to your blog!

Content that Engages – This is a big secret that many don’t know about, or at least don’t realize the traffic it can bring you. Literally asking a quick question, with no image, or links makes people feel like you are talking with them, that you want to engage with them. It doesn’t leave them with a feeling you just want to sell them something and that’s it. An example of is: The expert in anything was once a beginner. What are you an expert at?

See, that made you stop and think, and many will quickly reply to that. You’ve now got social media engagement. And when the next something from you rolls by their feed, they are way more likely to stop and take a look at it.

Quotes – Same idea as the content engagement posts. People love good quotes. Keep a running list of quotes. somewhere like Google docs or Trello so you have an easy source to pull from.

Lead magnets – Create posts that talk about something your audience would find very helpful and then offer them the step by step guide free. This is called an opt in and it’s very important to build your list. In fact a call to action on any post you make to build your list is a really good idea!

Curated content – This is the one that most people are afraid to do, but in the long run can bring you more traffic than you know what to do with. This is content you share from other people. Make sure that it is high quality content. People will keep coming back for more from you if everything you share is of value and there are lots of sources within your own niche that are doing well. Seriously, don’t be afraid to share them.

Keep Your Social Media Posts Organized

Keep it simple and so you use it everyday. Most people have a gmail address so take advantage of Google docs. Create a document and as you plan out your month put the links and images in a file. You can also use a resource called Trello so you have an easy source to pull from, an easy place to reference everything so you can make your social media post a snap.

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