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4 Reasons to switch your personal Pinterest Account to a Pinterest Business Account

There are many more reason than 4 to switch to a Pinterest Business account, but here is a concise list that should send you clicking to fix your personal Pinterest account right away.

The instructions on how to switch your personal Pinterest account to a Pinterest Business account are seriously simple! (watch the short video and do this right away)

Reason #1: The first reason is because it’s required! If you are doing business or plan to sell anything from your Pinterest account you need a business account.

Reason #2: You can display your company name and brand in your profile. A private account will show your name, and it will show a link to your website if you set it up that way, but it will not allow you to show your brand or business name.

Reason #3: You can verify your website with Pinterest which will bring you more traffic straight from Pinterest to your website. Verifying gives other Pinterest pinners confidence your pins are professional.

Reason #4: You get analytics. Super cool because they are easy to follow. Way easier than Google analytics. You’ll easily be able to tell what is getting more views and clicks and what to post more of.

So How Do You Convert a Personal Pinterest Account to a Business Pinterest Account?

Easy. Go to business.Pinterest. com. You’ll be given 2 choices. “Join As A Business” or “Do The Conversion Now”.

Choose the appropriate link according to your situation. You’ll be asked for you business website and email and off you go. (watch the video for a visual how to on converting to a Pinterest Business account)

Yes! That easy!

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