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3 Ways I Stay Laser Focused On My Business

Focus. It’s something we talk about a lot. Right in the midst of 43 open browser tabs.

Like we can focus on all of that at once.

Of course Facebook is one of those browsers open. And even though we swear off #FOMO…

We have it.

So the notifications are still on. The sound of that little muted ding will take your focus from what you are doing in a hot second. While you’re at checking who messaged you, might as well take a quick scroll to see what’s going on out there.

37 minutes later (or a couple hours), you wake up. Still on Facebook, having gotten nothing done.

There are tons of distractions. Text message. Skype. Twitter. Even one of my very favorites. Pinterest.

The Story Behind Your Business Struggles

The truth is your bottom line in your business isn’t where you want it to because of one simple fact.

Lack of focus.

Set your focus goals every morning. Or even better set the focus goals for the following day at the close of your work session each night. Don’t make it more than 3 things. Ever.

Pre-planning the night before leaves you no time to get confused about what you really need to get done from the get go. Instead, you have a clear 3 things you have to get done today and you can start immediately.

Way #1: Three Things. Plan 3 things for each of your business days to get extremely focused on and GET DONE!

How to Use Social Media to Stay Focused

Make a serious commitment to stay off of social media for anything other than doing REAL business. Be honest with yourself when you click on one of those social media tabs.

Way #2: Stay Off Of Social Media Except For Business

To truly stay focused you should have all those tabs closed. Only open them when you have something specific to do. By specific I mean, is this truly something that will move your business forward or are you just allowing yourself to be distracted.

There are indeed many reasons to use social media as a business tool. It is a way to get connected with people you want to do business with.

Of course, you should be posting your content to social media. If you aren’t showing people what you do or have, and you haven’t invited them to your party, I can guarantee you they aren’t coming!

Way #3: Pre-schedule Your Content To Social Media Weekly

My secret sauce to making social media work for me is by using Monthly Marketing Solved and pre-scheduling the entire week, sometimes the entire month worth of content.

I also use services like Buffer to add my content all at once and post to several different social media platforms. Especially if you are at the point of doing everything yourself, this is honestly the first step to outsourcing.

You’ve got to start automating the things you can so you can stay focused on creating more revenue with less time.

Monthly Marketing Solved Focus

It’s really that simple. I can tell you from my own experience and from many others who I get the privilege and joy of growing business with.

Now, go get focused. Create a life well played and well paid!